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The Function Of LED Optical Lens Design And Related Factors
Apr 18, 2018

The function of LED optical lens is to encapsulate the LED chip into LED photoelectric device. Optical design must be carried out. One optical design mainly determines the luminous angle, intensity, intensity distribution, color temperature range and color temperature distribution of light-emitting devices. 

An optical designer ensures the quality of the light out of each LED luminescent device. In a sense, only one optical design is reasonable, can the design of the two LED optical lens be successfully implemented, thus improving the effect of lighting and display. The three major factors of optical design are chip, bracket and mold grain. The LED chip is the main body of the luminescence, and how much light is directly related to the quality of the chip.

There are many kinds of light distribution design for LED street lamps. The most common ones are the following two kinds: the first is the LED street lamp with arc arrangement. A single LED module is matched with an axisymmetric fully reflective LED lens or a reflective cup. 

The width of the radiation angle of the lens is enough to cover the width of the road; then the LED module is arranged on a curved surface, and a rectangular light distribution is produced in the direction of the road by adjusting the curvature of the arc. For the design of a LED street lamp arranged in an arc, the street lamp uses 60 G olden Drag on LED with high power OSRAM Lambert distribution, and the output light of a single LED is 80 lumens per watt. The bracket carries the chip and acts as a fixed chip. 

The matching between the shape and size of the support bowl and the chip plays an important role in the light output efficiency. After mold filling with epoxy resin, it becomes a lens. The angle of the light and the quality of the spot are all related to the LED optical lens formed by the mold.

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