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The Cleaning Common Sense Of The Bathroom Cabinet
Apr 18, 2018

1. bathroom cabinet just bought, handling must be careful, ceramic pot is also fragile, gently lift, can not be hard tug, when the bathroom cabinet, the ground should be smooth, if it is the floor cabinet, the pads should be flat.

2., you can't expose the bathroom cabinet to the scorching sun. It's best to put it in a ventilated place, or to put it in a very dry place.

3. if you do not care to smoke in the bathroom to burn the paint, you can take a toothpick, then wrap a layer of cloth, slowly wipe the burn mark, and can also get some thin vinegar, can be removed.

4., if you get some white marks on the bathroom cabinet, you can try to use alcohol, toilet water or kerosene to wipe on the cloth.

5. if there is water stain, wet cloth, cover in the bathroom cabinet above, can use electric iron in a damp cloth, stain immediately disappear

6. if the bathroom cabinet is accidentally scratched and does not hurt the cabinet, you can use the same crayons or pigments as color, apply the repair on the surface of the bathroom cabinet, and then apply some nail polish on it.

7., it is necessary to use cloth to wipe the dust for the bathroom cabinet from time to time, and remember to spray some detergent on the cloth.

8., wax regularly, and wax the bathroom cabinet every 6 months or so.

9., the daily cleaning of bathroom cabinets is very simple. Ceramic basins can be cleaned with clear water and detergent, soap and water.

10. bathroom cabinet if the ceramic pot marks, can be coated with some toothpaste, and then repeatedly erased cloth, then hit the wax, you can make the bathroom cabinet back to the original look.

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