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Smart Waterproof Bathroom Cabinet A Few Of The Characteristics
Apr 18, 2018

Low carbon environmental protection: the use of tableware grade 304# stainless steel, aeral magnesium aluminum alloy as the main material of the cabinet, free of any radioactive material, renewable recycling use, is the country's strong support of low carbon environmental protection and technology materials.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: the 304# stainless steel and aeral magnesium aluminum alloy are used as the main material of the cabinet, and the interior is the first to fill the aluminum honeycomb structure (the national utility invent), which ensures that the bathroom cabinet will not be rusty, mouldy and rotten by any water flushing.

Never deformation: not only the internal and external use of full waterproof material, door hinge / guide rail installation part also use waterproof polymer material door hinge box link, with tableware grade 304# stainless steel door hinge guide, ensure that the whole cabinet can be flushed with water at any time, will not increase deformation.

Mould proof and insect proof: the first introduction of the surface coating of aeral magnesium aluminum alloy base material on the American DuPont automobile paint has successfully overcome the defects of the beautiful appearance and diversity of the wooden bathroom cabinet, but not waterproof, mildew proof and insect proof. The pure stainless steel bathroom cabinet is simple in modeling, and the style of a single style is not high. The waterproof and durable of the bathroom cabinet has been realized. The perfect unity of beauty and elegance.

Lightness and tenacity: the cabinet panel has creatively used low-carbon honeycomb structure with environmental protection, and achieved the lightness, tenacity and never deformation of the bathroom cabinet.

Mute function: the drawer and the cabinet door all use the damping mute guide / door hinge, the high-end product quotes the German original imported Heidi poetry luxurious damping mute guideway / door hinge, opens the light to close the silent, creates a comfortable and gentle quiet space for the user.

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