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Light Loss Of LED Lens
Apr 18, 2018

As the fourth generation of lighting source, LED is the key to achieve efficient lighting and collimating lighting. The authoritative journal of the international photoelectric field believes that the researchers have designed two kinds of non imaging LED collimation lenses with simple and fast methods, which are completely different from the complex iterative software design methods commonly used in the existing LED optical design. 

It is to complete a whole multi lens by injection of single lens, which can be designed into 3 and 1, 5, 1 or even dozens of lens modules according to different requirements. This design effectively saves production cost, realizes the consistency of product quality, saves the space of lamps and lanterns, and is easier to realize high power and so on. 

The light loss of 1. bubble shells and lenses in light loss should meet the standard requirements of light distribution, and the transmittance of the shell, the lens and the loss of the overflow light should also be considered. The high power of bubble lamp or ordinary illumination needs to diffuse the parallel beam with lens to meet the requirement of standard. In order to make the optical effect more reasonable, the purpose of designing the lamp cover should be divided into small rectangular units.

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