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Knowledge Popularization Of High Power LED Lens
Apr 18, 2018

High power LED lens / reflective cup is mainly used for concentrating and guiding light of high-power LED cold light source series products. The high-power LED lens designs the light distribution curve according to the angle of different LED ejection light. By increasing the optical reflection, reducing the light loss and improving the light effect, the aspheric optical lens set is set. Next, we will focus on the two concentration LED lens of PMMA material. The two lens and LED are two separate objects, but they are inseparable when applied. 1, one lens.

(1) the primary lens is directly packaged (or glued) on the LED chip bracket, and becomes a whole with LED. The two lens material is mostly PMMA or glass.

(2) the LED chip (chip) is 360 degrees by theory, but in fact the chip is fixed and encapsulated on the LED bracket, so the maximum luminescence angle of the chip is 180 degrees, and the chip also has some stray light, so that all the light of the chip can be collected effectively by a single lens and can be obtained as 160, 140, 120 degrees. The angle of light out of 90 degrees or even 60 degrees (different needs);

(3) one lens is used for PMMA or silica gel.

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