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Classification Of Bathroom Cabinets
Apr 18, 2018

1. plaster wooden bathroom cabinet:

Solid wood or MDF as base material, solid wood veneer is used as a whole to paste, and the surface is painted with waterproof paint. MDF is an artificial board after crushing wood material into powder.

Advantages: natural, the price is lower than the solid wood bathroom cabinet.

Disadvantages: because of the difference between base material and solid wood veneer, due to the influence of bonding process and adhesive material, cracking is easy to happen, which affects the waterproofing effect.

2. ceramic bathroom cabinet:

Directly based on the ceramic body made by the mould, and the cabinet is usually made of ceramic.

Advantages: easy to handle, can fully reflect the owner's clean and bright rhythm.

Disadvantages: ceramic is fragile, if there is a heavy impact, it is easy to damage.

3. PVC class bathroom cabinet:

PVC as a plastic panel, after vacuum hot pressure adsorption on the density plate or moistureproof plate, moistureproof plate is a moistureproof particle curing substance, after sucking the sheet can be absorbed into one, without sealing edge, has excellent moisture proof and waterproof performance.

Advantages: rich colors, high temperature resistance, anti marking and easy cleaning.

Shortcomings: chemical corrosion resistance is not high.

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