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Characteristics Of LED Optical Lens
Apr 18, 2018

1. LED optical lens can collect more than 90% of the light emitted by LED, and the penetration rate is 93% when 3mm thickness.

2. can be equipped with a variety of high-power LED, the spot is very uniform, no stray and astigmatic light, no black hole, no shadow or dark area, light utilization rate and light transmittance high, suitable for small angle light lighting.

Application of UV light curing in optical industry

1. Assembly of optical elements (lens group, prism, optical engine assembly).

2, image and instrument assembly (microscope, endoscope, infrared instrument, night vision instrument, probe, etc.).

Advantages of LED optical lens UV curing machine:

1, LED curing equipment hardly generates heat, is not fragile, and contains no mercury.

2, saving energy consumption and greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

3, UV curing can be instantly opened or closed, without the necessary preheating and cooling time of UV lamp mode, and the operation efficiency is improved.

4. Because the ultraviolet radiation device and related equipment are very compact, there is no need for the former kind of large mechanical installation space and pipeline construction. It is easy to set up, less investment and low maintenance cost.

5, the luminous efficiency is higher, the power consumption is very small, and the service life is up to 20000 hours.

6, LED optical lens irradiation head is controlled by computer CPU. It can choose manual or automatic control operation according to actual needs, and set the time needed for light irradiation by itself.

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