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The style of the bath mirror
Apr 18, 2018

The appearance of bathing mirror is varied, such as square, ellipse, egg circle, etc., or a single whole, mirror edge grinding, mirror carving, exquisite and practical.

For the bathroom cabinet part, with the mirror lamp, the bath cabinet, creates the unified bathroom space.

In terms of appearance, the bath mirrors can be roughly divided into three categories.

The first one: bath in the bathroom mirror, directly close to the broad wall, can reflect the image of the mirror body bath is most widely used;

Second: the mirror (make-up mirror), can be placed on the washing table or through a horizontal telescopic bracket fixed on the wall, the bath mirror is generally small, usually used in the detail of the make-up;

The third one is the embedded bath mirror, which is directly used for woodworking to make embedded small closet and decorate the mirror on the door. Save space, and easy to use: turn off the door to be used as a wall bath mirror, open the door can be placed in the inside of daily medicines, bathing articles, cosmetics and other small pieces of goods.

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