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The function of the bathroom mirror
Apr 18, 2018

1, antifogging

According to the principle of anti fog, bathroom mirrors can be divided into coating antifogging mirror and electrothermal fog proof mirror.

Coating antifogging mirror is a safe, but expensive way to prevent fog formation through coating micropores.

The electric heating antifogging mirror is heated through the electric heating wire or the electric heating membrane to mirror the surface, so as to achieve the effect of anti fog. The electrothermal fog prevention is more original than the original, and it needs space from the major, the power source and the mirror side, but it is cheaper.

2. Waterproof

The choice of bath mirrors is not only to choose fog proof bath mirrors, but also to pay special attention to the waterproof property of bath mirrors. The general waterproof bath mirror is coated with special waterproof material on the back. The installation of this mirror in the bathroom will effectively avoid the long mold, crack and even the whole shedding of the mirror on the back of the bathroom mirror. (the shedding of the bath mirror is bound to cause the hidden danger of safety, and should be treated carefully). The high quality electric fog protection mirror should be set up with fog proof, waterproof mirror and safety mirror. Even if it is immersed in water, there will be no leakage. Owner in the purchase, must pay attention to its waterproof safety, the best before the purchase to make a waterproof, do not only look cheap or look good, and wrong buy poor quality, unsafe bathroom mirror.

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