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The base material of the bathroom cabinet
Apr 18, 2018

Folding Particleboard

The most common use of cheap computer stations and furniture and kitchenware, low cost, processed by carpentry waste processing, high water absorption, from the opening and interface, plate edges can be identified. When manufacturing, manufacturers often process paper, leather, plastic skin, edge with other materials, and then paint on different colors. Bad manufacturers and distributors often act on solid products according to their fake appearance, and act as solid wood products based on their ignorance of raw materials.

Folding Carpenter

More common in some low or middle and high price wooden furniture, because it is solid wood splicing and divided into different kinds of wood, the price is different, the compression ability is different from the wood seed and the production process is different, if the surface paint does not do well, the sun and humidity will split open.

Folding MDF

More common in some ordinary computer desk and office furniture, furniture for indoor display booth decoration, waterproof and moisture is not ideal. It is easy to expand and crack, and can not be used for many wet environments in the bathroom. But some bad manufacturers and distributors often use the MDF products with wood veneers to impersonate solid wood to deceive consumers.

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