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How to choose bathroom mirrors
Apr 18, 2018

Is there any simple and effective way to prevent fog from fog? There are anti fogging films specially designed for bathroom mirrors in the market. This is a translucent polyester film that can be heated after electricity. The special conductive heating material is sealed in two layers of polyester film. It is also applied to the electric heat effect. The thickness of the anti fogging film is about 0.4 millimeters. It is attached to the back of the bath mirror before using it. It is put on the surface from one end. It is as smooth as possible. The power switch of the antifogging film is best connected with the mirror front lamp to facilitate the use.

How do you choose bathroom mirrors?

It is because of "mirror" and "mirror" appearance is very similar, some operators took the opportunity to "aluminum" charge "silver", does not match the real price. Because the difficulty of discrimination or the negligence of selection may cause losses to consumers. The silver mirror is made of silver, and the aluminum mirror is made of metal aluminum. The difference between material selection and manufacturing process makes the two kinds of bath mirrors differ greatly. A price: "silver mirror" price is much higher than the price of "mirror". "Silver mirror" the price is about 300 yuan / square meters, the "mirror" the price is about 150 yuan / square meters. B brightness: "silver mirror" is better than "mirror", reflected in the light intensity irradiation are equal, "silver mirror" will appear brighter.

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