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Classification of folded basin bodies and classification of placement methods
Apr 18, 2018

1, ceramic pot, the pot body is easy to clean.

2, glass pot, easy to be attached to the cleaning soap water.

3, stainless steel pot, the sound of water is large.

4, ceramic stone pot, easy to scratch hard objects but can be polished to restore.

Classification of folds by placement

1, hanging type: suspension type wall is a load-bearing wall or solid brick wall, the bathroom cabinet under the air is easy to take care of the toilet sanitary, basically there is no health corner. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from reaching the cabinet. Such products can not be installed on thermal insulation wall and light partition wall.

2, floor type: floor cabinets and hangers are not very different, that is, they do not choose walls, but they are not good at sanitation under the cupboard.

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